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We've Merged!

Stormcloud Creations is now a division of Snakehead Games Inc. makers of Star Pirates, 2165: Spy Battle and Zombie Moon.

ZOMBIE MOON: Players take on the role of a Mercenary hired to investigate and contain any issues which have arisen in the enigmatic Boreas Station, buried in the icy depths of the Jovian moon: Callisto. In the depths, Mercenaries will discover the one thing that even immortals fearů Corruption.

Zombie Moon is a social menu-based RPG with a TEEN rating; you are required to think, tap, talk and gather in the style of social Facebook games but with a lot more.

It is NOT an First Person Shooter / not FPS. The chat community is friendly & awesome! If you love pen and paper RPG's, Sci-Fi, Zombies and making friends across the world then you will love Zombie Moon. If you're looking for tap 3D shooter, this is not the game for you.

Now on Android, Kindle and iOS

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Strategy Game


Voyager - Our unique, epic adventure/card game where you can experience a whole adventure in 10-15 minutes! Hundreds of different creatures to control. Give it a try today! NOW Only $9.99!



Interstellar Trader 2 - Our classic award-winning game of space wheeling and dealing. Fight pirates, trade over 200 items in a widely varied universe. Become a galactic merchant! Free demo for download. If you like this, you'll LOVE STAR PIRATES

PC Strategy Game

Nanotech - A reissue of our classic, gritty cyberpunk strategy game with new graphics, bug fixes and balance fixes. Download the new FREE demo today! If you like this, you'll LOVE playing with friends on 2165: SPY BATTLE