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We've Merged!

Stormcloud Creations is now a division of Snakehead Games Inc. makers of Star Pirates, 2165: Spy Battle and Coliseum.

COLISEUM: a world of Gladiator battles, treachery, bloodshed and grand victories with Coliseum, our gladiator management game in the vein of sports management simulations, with a unique twist!

In Coliseum players will get the chance to become manager to mighty gladiators. You'll guide many young warriors and with rigorous training, careful use of potions, choices of items and styles become the champion of the Coliseum!

Gameplay is resolved using an extremely detailed text based simulation engine. Every aspect of being an Arena manager is covered, from the basics of training your warriors (and perhaps even enhancing their performance with body altering potions) to dealing with disease and injury. Warriors will age over time, and even run the risk of getting in trouble outside the Arena with our unique "personality" factor.

With combat taking place with a real-time, second by second accounts drawn from literally hundreds of thousands of vivid descriptions, no two games will ever play the same. Factor in all the other elements (hundreds of diseases and injuries, the realistic aging system, budget constraints, outside events, free agents, contracts) and you have a game with infinite possibilities!

Can you lead your team of gladiators into the championship match? Find out today with Coliseum!

The original PC game is now out of print.
GOOD NEWS! Coliseum can now played online for free!Compete with your friends - Join today!



Strategy Game


Voyager - Our unique, epic adventure/card game where you can experience a whole adventure in 10-15 minutes! Hundreds of different creatures to control. Give it a try today! NOW Only $9.99!



Interstellar Trader 2 - Our classic award-winning game of space wheeling and dealing. Fight pirates, trade over 200 items in a widely varied universe. Become a galactic merchant! Free demo for download. If you like this, you'll LOVE STAR PIRATES

PC Strategy Game

Nanotech - A reissue of our classic, gritty cyberpunk strategy game with new graphics, bug fixes and balance fixes. Download the new FREE demo today! If you like this, you'll LOVE playing with friends on 2165: SPY BATTLE